Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions

Greg Leikvold

Director of Workforce Development

(334) 745-6437 ext. 5496

The Workforce Solutions Department has a dual purpose. First, it is set up to use the resources of the College whenever possible or to bring in resources as needed to assist in the training of local business and industry personnel. The Workforce Solutions Department offers non credit technical skill training to help employers or individuals seeking to upgrade or enhance their current skill sets. The Department can also work with companies to “customize” training which can be set up specifically to meet the needs of an individual industry or to meet the needs of a similar industrial unit within a group of companies. Whatever it takes to enhance the knowledge and workability for the local industry, SUSCC’s Workforce Solutions is a dedicated partner in conjunction with all the instructional units of the school to enhance the workforce development and economic growth.

The second part of the Department’s mission is the Skills Training Division. This portion of the mission is to assist non-credit students acquire skills through short-term training. The College offers three skills training programs: Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver Training, Ready-To-Work, and Manufacturing Production Technician.