Student Group Gatherings: Facilities Use

Student Group Gatherings

Use of College Facilities

Only officially recognized student organizations are permitted to use college facilities. Requests for using college facilities should contain the following:

  • Purpose of event
  • Date and time of event
  • Signature from the organization’s employee advisor/sponsor

An employee advisor/sponsor or designee should be present during student organization events. In addition, the organization is required to notify, in advance, the Chief of Police with details of the event.  

Unauthorized Student Group Gatherings

  1. Any and all students and/or persons participating on campus in unauthorized group meetings which create a disturbance, cause destruction of college or personal property, or bring discredit to the College, shall be subject to disciplinary and civil action.
  2. Participants are defined as those persons actively engaged in the action and those drawn to the scene out of curiosity, as spectators. Any students who can be identified personally by College officials and/or through photographs taken at the scene of the disturbance are also defined as participants.