Student Code of Conduct

A student is subject to disciplinary action by the College, up to and including dismissal, for misconduct occurring on any property owned or controlled by the College, or off campus at any function which is authorized, sponsored or conducted by the College, or in parking lots adjacent to areas or buildings where College functions are being conducted.

Such misconduct shall include but is not limited to the commission of or the attempt to commit any of the following offenses.

The following (1-22) are prohibited and apply to all College property including resi- dence halls and off-campus activities. Students found to be in violation of an offense will face disciplinary action in the form of reprimand, probation, suspension or expulsion, de- pending on the severity of the offense. The second violation of any rule (1-22) will result in suspension (either disciplinary, class, library, cafeteria or residence hall) or expulsion from the College and/or the residence hall. If, in the opinion of the Associate Dean of Students, the violation of rules 1-22 is sufficiently serious, suspension or expulsion from the College and/or residence hall is possible on the first offense.

  1. Gambling in any form.
  2. Pets on campus. Only registered service animals are allowed.
  3. Open element electrical appliances and microwave ovens.
  4. Solicitation and sales without permission.
  5. Failure to attend mandatory student meetings.
  6. Excessive noise determined to be disturbing to other residents or college officials.
  7. Dartboards, darts, or any type of throwing knives.
  8. Any violation of the college smoke-free and tobacco-free policy. (See Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free policy).
  9. Use of profane language or verbal abuse toward any College employee.
  10. Violation of residence hall visitation rules as published in the College Catalog.
  11. Candles, incense, or other flame-emitting articles in the residence hall.
  12. Splicing into or otherwise “tampering” with existing electrical wiring in the residence hall.
  13. Misuse of residence hall keys or outside entrance keys by loaning personal keys to another person.
  14. The display of alcohol or drug-related materials including pictures, posters, or empty labeled containers.
  15. Lewd, indecent, pornographic, obscene behavior or expression. (This offense includes the use of verbal or symbolic expressions, which could be interpreted as insulting to one’s race, gender, religion, national origin or disability.)
  16. Unauthorized possession of College, state, or federal property or supplies.
  17. Disruptive or disorderly conduct which interferes with the rights and opportunities of those who attend the College to utilize and enjoy educational facilities or activities.
  18. Hoverboards on campus.
  19. Use of athletic or sports equipment (i.e. balls, bats, weight-lifting apparatus) inside college buildings without permission from a college official.
  20. Littering or disposing of rubbish or unwanted debris in areas other than trash receptacles.
  21. Threatened physical abuse of any person, including hazing, harassment, bullying, stalking, or any other act, which endangers the health or safety of any such person. (See College policy 601.04.)
  22. Unauthorized entry to or use of any College facility including Residence Hall.
    The following rules (23-33) merit automatic disciplinary suspension or expulsion from the College and/or the residence hall.
  23. Intentional misuse of any College fire alarm or fire-fighting equipment, or smoke detection devices.
  24. Possession or use of alcoholic beverages in the residence hall, all other areas of the campus, or at any off-campus function sponsored by the College.
  25. Failure to promptly comply with directions of College officials or law enforcement officers acting in the performance of their duties as such officials and officers to include displaying student ID.
  26. Theft or intentional damage to property of the College or to the property of any members or visitors of the College community. Theft includes unauthorized use of cable service.
  27. Actual physical abuse of any person, including hazing, harassment, bullying, stalking or any other act, which endangers the health or safety of any such person. (See college policy 601.04)
  28. Use, possession, sale or distribution of drug and/or drug paraphernalia as outlined by the statutes of the State of Alabama, except as expressly prescribed by a physician.
    In an effort to ensure a drug-free campus, the College reserves the right to use trained dogs to search for contraband substances.
  29. Use, possession, sale or distribution of weapons or firearms (including pellet guns and air rifles), fireworks, and incendiary or any type of explosive device or material.
  30. Disorderly or disruptive conduct, including rioting, inciting a riot, assembling to riot, raiding, inciting a raid and assembling to raid College properties. This includes unauthorized interference with the use of or access to College facilities.
  31. Violation on campus of any federal, state, or local laws.
  32.  All forms of dishonesty including cheating, plagiarism, the use of content generated by artificial intelligence, and furnishing false information to the College.
  33. Forgery, alteration or misuse of College documents, records or identification.

The Associate Dean of Students reserves the right to deviate from the above mentioned sanctions, or impose additional or supplemental sanctions as deemed appropriate on a case by case basis.