The residence hall staff seeks to provide educational, social, and cultural opportunities for the students. The goal is to provide a relatively homelike atmosphere along with meaningful experiences in group living.

Residence Hall Associates: The Residence Hall Associates are full-time members of the Student Services Division. They serve as the administrative head of the residence hall and report directly to the Associate Dean of Students.

Residence Hall Assistants: Residence Hall Assistants are identified student leaders who are employed by the College to assist in maintaining a residence hall atmosphere conducive to study, relaxation, and homelike living. The Assistants’ primary responsibility is their particular section of the residence hall, but they have authority throughout the residence hall, parking lot and other campus areas as designated by the Associate Dean of Students. Residence Hall Assistants report all violations of standards to the Residence Hall Associates and/or the Associate Dean of Students.

Residence Hall Council: The Residence Hall Council is made up of elected officers and individual representatives. The Council works closely with the Residence Hall Associates who serve as its advisors. This Council plans social events and recreational activities based on suggestions from the residents.