Public Information

The following is a list of public information which may be made available by the college without prior consent of the student and is considered part of the public record of the student’s attendance:

  1. Student’s name
  2. Student’s address (local and permanent)
  3. Student’s telephone number
  4. Date and place of birth of student
  5. Major field of study
  6. Student’s participation in officially recognized activities, clubs, organizations, and athletics
  7. Dates of attendance of student
  8. Degrees and awards received by the student
  9. The institution most recently attended by the student and dates of attendance
  10. The height and weight of varsity athletes
  11. Photograph
  12. Classification and level of study

A request for nondisclosure of public information may be completed in the Records Office. Students are informed annually about their options for nondisclosure of information.