Location and Responsibility of Student Records

The College has designated the following officials as being responsible for student records within their respective areas:

Dean of Student Affairs - The Dean of Student Affairs has the overall responsibility of ensuring that each student entering Southern Union State Community College has an adequate record system, maintained, up-to-date, and controlled by all provisions as set forth in this policy and governed by Public Law 93-380. The Dean of Student Affairs will be assisted by the following:

Registrar - The Registrar will ensure that all students, upon acceptance to the college, have an individual student record containing admissions criteria and documentation. The Registrar is charged with the responsibility of continuously maintaining students’ files in a safe and orderly manner, updating all records and maintaining an adequate backup system for the records. The Registrar will ensure that all provisions of this policy are met concerning the release of public information, as well as the release of information to students, institutional instructors, counselors, advisors, administrators, and local, state, and national organizations and agencies. The student files are maintained in the Records Office.

Director of Financial Aid - The Director of Financial Aid has the responsibility of maintaining an adequate and up-to-date student file on students receiving any institutional, local, state, or federal financial assistance. The Director of Financial Aid will make certain that all provisions of this policy concerning individual student records are properly applied.

Vice-President of Financial & Administrative Services - The Vice-President of Financial & Administrative Services has the responsibility of enforcing all provisions in this policy pertaining to the release of financial information concerning individual students.