Hearing Procedure

Attendance at Hearing

  1. Disciplinary Committee hearings shall be private and confidential and will be limited to persons officially involved. Persons present will include, but not be limited to, Disciplinary Committee members, the Associate Dean of Students, the Chief of Police or designee, the student requesting the hearing and his/her advisor, a recorder, and witnesses for both parties. Witnesses will be present only when giving testimony.
  2. The student has the right to have one advisor present during the hearing. The advisor may not address the committee or give evidence on behalf of the student. In answering or asking questions, the student may seek advice from the advisor before proceeding.
  3. Minutes of the proceedings will be recorded. Minutes will be filed in the office of the Associate Dean of Students and will be kept confidential.

Order of Hearing

  1. Opening remark by Chairman of Disciplinary Committee.
  2. Review of charges and action taken in the case by the Associate Dean of Students.
  3. Opening statement by the student requesting the hearing.
  4. Testimony and questioning of witnesses.
    Witnesses for the College will present testimony first. Both parties to the action and the members of the Disciplinary Committee have the right to question witnesses. Following the testimony of all College witnesses, the student may call his/her witnesses.
  5. Closing statement by the student.
  6. Closing statement by the Associate Dean of Students or designee.
  7. Deliberations.
    The Disciplinary Committee will conduct its deliberations in a closed and confidential session and will refer action to be taken to the Associate Dean of Students.
  8. Any further consideration of the case must be through the President whose decision is final. Appeals must be in writing and submitted to the President within 48 business hours of the student’s receipt of the Disciplinary Committee’s decision. The appeal must identify or state the reason that the student believes the decision of the committee should be overturned.

Time Limit on Hearings

The Disciplinary Committee will make a determination on the total time allotted for the hearing and may limit the time for all aspects of the hearing.