General Information

Students must be registered full-time (12 or more semester hours for Fall and Spring; 6 hours for Summer) to qualify to live in the residence hall. Students living in the residence hall must attend class in-person for a minimum of 12 hours. Residents who have a car on campus, or other motorized vehicle, must obtain a parking decal.


All students must complete the proper documentation when submitting an application to live in the residence halls. This includes a residence hall housing agreement, a personal information sheet and a medical form.

All applications require a non-refundable room reservation/deposit fee of $200.00. This fee is non-refundable unless the student does not move into the residence hall. Any damages to a room are payable at time of occurrence.


Telephone service is the responsibility of the student.


Residents’ guests are welcome with the Residence Hall staff’s approval, provided there is space available.

  1. Guests are subject to the same regulations as students.
  2. The resident host must accompany overnight guests to sign-in and sign-out at the desk in the lobby.
  3. The resident host is responsible for the actions of their guest.
  4. Current residents are allowed two (2) free overnight guests per semester.
  5. Residents will be charged a fee of $15 per night for any overnight guest after the first two overnight guests.
  6. Current residents are subject to a $15 charge when a guest remains in the residence hall for six (6) hours between the hours of 2:00 am and 8:00 am.
  7. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to stay overnight in the residence hall, with the exception of approved Summer camps.
  8. Residence Hall staff may limit excessive overnight visits.


The College is not responsible for loss or damage to the residents’ personal property. The college reserves the right to dispose of unclaimed personal property after fifteen (15) business days. All residents should record their valuables including appliances, electronics, and cell phones by model number, brand name, serial number or any other markings that might be used to properly identify the item(s). Residents are urged to secure Renters Insurance coverage to provide for the security of belongings. Renters Insurance is not available through the college or campus police. Thefts should be reported to the Campus Police.


All residents are strongly urged to lock their doors at all times for personal privacy and safety. Residents should be familiar with the emergency plan. Evacuation plans and emergency information is posted behind the dorm room doors. The college emergency plan is available on the website ( and in the Residence Hall Associate’s office. Additional safety tips are available in the Residential Safety Brochure and on the campus police link on the Southern Union website.


The residence hall is closed during official college closing dates. These dates are available on the college calendar which can be found in the College Catalog or on the website. Students must vacate their rooms during these times unless authorized to remain by the Residence Hall Associates.


Mattress covers are necessary for health and sanitation in the residence hall.


There is a $10.00 replacement charge for room or mailbox keys. This amount is subject to change.


Re-entries will incur a $10.00 fee to be charged to the resident’s SU account.


Sales and solicitations in the residence hall are prohibited.


  1. Every effort is made to honor all roommate requests. However, requests must be mutually accepted.
  2. All other roommate assignments will be assigned on a random basis.
  3. First time students will be assigned a room on a random basis.
  4. During the second week of classes, a designated day for room changes will be announced. Room changes must be approved by the Residence Hall Associates.


The following is to be completed by Resident.

  1. Obtain Residence Hall withdrawal form from the Residence Hall Associates.
  2. Complete room check-out walk through with college official.
  3. Return form and mailbox key to Residence Hall Associates.
  4. Remove all items from the room and clean the room thoroughly.