Co-Curricular Activities

Southern Union Ambassadors

Southern Union Ambassadors serve as the official host and hostess group for various activities on campus including orientation, registration, recruitment days, tutorial sessions, tournaments, homecoming, and graduation. Membership is limited to those selected by a screening process. Ambassadors must maintain a 2.75 cumulative grade point average and their conduct must be above reproach. Southern Union Ambassadors represent the top students at Southern Union. Students apply for consideration through the Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs.

College Bowl Team

The SU College Bowl Team is a group organized for the promotion of academic excellence, this group competes in statewide competitions with teams from other two-year colleges and assists with the organization and promotion of high school scholars’ teams. Admission to the group is by faculty selection based on grade point average.

Music Programs

The Southern Union Singers is a show choir group which gives concerts both at the College and in surrounding communities during each academic year. This group is open to all students by consent of the instructor with admission based on musical ability and previous musical experience.

The Southern Union Sound is a group of singers and dancers which gives concerts at the College and in the College community. The Southern Union Sound is a select group of performers chosen from The Southern Union Singers. 

Miss Southern Union State Community College Pageant

The Miss Southern Union State Community College Pageant is a preliminary to the Miss Alabama Pageant. Participation is open to full time Southern Union female students. Any qualified and interested students are encouraged to compete. For more information visit Miss Southern Union page on our website or contact the Student Government Association (SGA).

Student Publications

Membership on the staff of The Southerner, the college newspaper, is open to all students. The purpose of The Southerner is to provide information on the activities, events, and people of the college. The publication not only offers interested students opportunities and experiences in journalism but also is utilized in student recruitment activities. The publicity coordinator of the college serves as sponsor of The Southerner.

The student newspaper subscribes to the publication policy of the college - that publications should be edited in the spirit of goodwill and within the framework of good journalism.

Intramural Program

The intramural program gives students the opportunity to participate in team and individual sports/activities. Presently the multi-use facility on the Wadley Campus is open nights each week during fall and spring semesters providing a variety of activities including basketball, badminton, volleyball, ping-pong, aerobics, weightlifting, and games. Students are urged to consult the bulletin boards for announcements in this area.


The cheerleading program consists of males and females and one mascot, Battle the Bison. Cheerleaders cheer at all home games for both the men and women’s basketball programs. Cheerleaders are expected to schedule their classes around practice times as determined by the coach. In addition to practice, cheerleaders are required to attend weightlifting/workout sessions. Tryouts are held in April each year. Candidates are evaluated at a clinic session and an official tryout. Candidates are notified in writing if they are eligible to become a part of the SU Cheer team. Cheerleaders must be full time students, maintain a 2.0 GPA and be in good standing both academically and socially.

Homecoming Week

Hundreds of alumni and friends return to the Wadley campus to reconnect with their alma mater, reminisce with classmates at reunion events, and join current students and faculty in celebrating SU Homecoming. Festivities include the pep rally, alumni reception, basketball game, and coronation of Ms. Homecoming. Homecoming Week is sponsored by the Student Government Association.

SUSCC Alumni Association

Membership in the Southern Union Alumni Association is available to any person who previously attended the college. The Association meets at least once yearly, usually during the summer. A major project of the Association is supporting a scholarship fund.