Reporting Criminal Actions or Other Emergencies

It is the policy of Southern Union State Community College that any criminal act or threat of violence, injury, destruction of college or personal property, traffic accident, or other situation which occurs on any campus operated by Southern Union State Community College, and which may constitute an emergency, a danger to the health, safety, or property of any person, or a threat to the public order, be reported to one of the following:

Wadley Campus


Campus Police

(334) 328-4743

Campus Police - Evening

(334) 328-9793

Steve Spratlin, Associate Dean of Instruction

(256) 395-2211 ext. 5150

Valley Campus


Campus Police

(334) 756-4151

Campus Police - Evening

(334) 756-4151

Robin Brown, Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness/Campus Director

(334) 756-4151 ext. 5204

Opelika Campus


Campus Police

(334) 324-3631

Campus Police - Evening

(334) 328-9392

Linda North, Dean of Academics

(334) 745-6437 ext. 5402

Rhonda Davis, Dean of Health Sciences

(334) 745-6437 ext. 5511

Eric Sewell, Dean of Technical Education and Workforce Development

(334) 745-6437 ext. 5380

An emergency is hereby defined as any event that is disruptive to the normal affairs of the college. Members of the campus community should be alert to emergency situations and make immediate reports as outlined below. In reporting an emergency, the caller must:

  1. State name;
  2. State type of emergency;
  3. State location of emergency; and
  4. Remain in the same area until assistance arrives.

All witnesses to any of the above described situations may be asked to provide written statements and otherwise assist college officials and law enforcement officers in the investigation of the situation. Information provided by witnesses will be held in the strictest of confidence. It shall be an offense subject to appropriate disciplinary action for any Southern Union State Community College employee or student to file a false report of, knowingly make a false statement about, or interfere with the investigation of any situation of the nature described in this section.

If you are a victim of a crime and do not want to pursue action within the College System or the criminal justice system, you may still want to consider making a confidential report. The purposes of a confidential report is to comply with your wish to keep the matter confidential, while taking action to ensure the future safety of yourself and others. The College will use this information to maintain accurate records, determine patterns of crime (methods, location or assailant) and create a proactive approach to address the situation. The information filed in this manner will be counted and disclosed in the annual crimes’ statistics for the institution.

The College’s designated official or officials will take all reasonable action to prevent or minimize any harm to the employees, students, and visitors of Southern Union State Community College. Furthermore, it shall be the duty of said official(s) to notify the appropriate law enforcement agency in the event of an act of criminal nature or of any other nature (for example, a traffic accident) which would ordinarily involve law enforcement officials. Additionally, it shall be the duty of said official(s) to contact appropriate fire department, emergency medical agency, or other authority or agency which is due to be notified of the respective incident.

Copies of the Emergency Preparedness Manual are located on the college website under the Campus Police section at