Student Affairs Division

Gary Branch, Dean of Student Affairs

The purpose of the Student Affairs Division is to accommodate students in gaining access to Southern Union by providing pre-admission counseling, academic advising, placement testing, orientation, special needs counseling and special accommodations, tutorial assistance and other support services. The Student Affairs Division seeks to facilitate the successful movement of students through the educational process to the completion of their identified goals, including the pursuit and continuation of undergraduate education, personal enrichment, specific job skills, and career preparation or development.


  1. To provide administrative leadership that will result in the effective interaction of student development services with other programs and services of the college to fulfill the institution’s mission.
  2. To maintain cooperative relationships with other educational institutions and services to facilitate smooth student articulation, student transfer, and graduation.
  3. To provide counseling services which will facilitate the educational, vocational, social, and personal development of each student.
  4. To provide a systematic and effective academic advising program.
  5. To provide a broad range of testing services for students to enhance their success in their individual educational programs.
  6. To provide a comprehensive orientation program for all new students.
  7. To provide effective tutorial services to assist students with academic deficiencies in mathematics and English.
  8. To coordinate recruitment activities which reflect and highlight the role and mission of the college.