Statewide Transfer and Articulation Reporting System (STARS)

STARS helps Southern Union students make the transition to any public four-year college or university in Alabama while retaining all course credits. This web-accessible database system provides guidance and direction to streamline the transfer process. A Transfer Guide/ Agreement outlines the first two years of coursework relative to the major of choice. If the STARS Guide is followed and the student retains a copy of the official STARS Agreement, the guide will be honored by all Alabama public institutions of higher education that offer a program in the specified discipline for four years from the date of printing by the student, as recorded on the guide. For more information, consult your academic advisor or visit the STARS website at

To ensure proper interpretation of the STARS Guides/Agreements, students who have completed postsecondary course work at other institutions should request an evaluation of their courses by their intended transfer college before registering for classes at Southern Union. While Southern Union makes every effort through advising and printed materials to provide accurate information to meet transfer and degree requirements, it is the student’s responsibility to select and register for courses needed to meet those requirements. In addi- tion to following the transfer guide, students are advised to personally contact their transfer school to verify specific admissions and course requirements for their major.

Southern Union provides academic advisors on all campuses to assist students in planning transfer programs. Students should consult with academic advisors before registering each term.