1. Withdrawal From the College
    To withdraw from the College, a student should secure a withdrawal form from the Records Office and complete and return the form. Students may also withdraw from the college online under the student portal at Refund applies for students who completely withdraw from the College during the refund period and so notify the Records Office in writing of their withdrawal. The date to establish refund will be determined by the date withdrawal is initiated and acknowledged (documented) by an appropriate college official. Any financial obligation to the College is deducted from any refund due.
    1. Refunds for Fall and Spring Terms
      Prior to first day of class: 100%
      First Week (beginning the same day as late registration fee applies): 75%
      Second Week: 50%
      Third Week: 25%
    2. Refund for Summer Term
      Specific dates are in the term schedule. Each refund period is approximately three days during summer term
    3. Refund for Mini-Terms
      See class schedule for refund policies on mini-terms.
      All refunds, other than 100% withdrawals, are subject to a 5% administrative fee, not to exceed $100.00. Refunds are made at mid-term. Financial aid students are subject to the “Financial Aid Return of Title IV Funds Policy” found in the Financial Aid section of the Catalog.
  2. Reduction in Credit Hours
    Students who reduce their credit hours during the drop/add period will receive at mid-term a tuition adjustment at the applicable rate. After the end of the drop/add period, students who reduce their credit hours without withdrawing from the College will receive no tuition refund.
  3. Room and Board
    Room and board will be refunded as follows:
    1. Withdrawal prior to published first day of class: full refund.
    2. Withdrawal prior to the end of first week of class: 75% less 5% administrative fee.
    3. Withdrawal prior to the end of second week of class: 50% less 5% administrative fee.
    4. Withdrawal prior to the end of third week of class: 25% less 5% administrative fee.
    5. Withdrawal after the end of the third week of class:
      1. No refunds will be issued for room and board.
      2. Residents will owe for the entire semester.
        In case of residence hall suspension, only advance payments for food will be refunded.
  4. Short Courses
    Full refunds for short courses will be given if students withdraw prior to the beginning of the class. After the class meets, no refund will be given.