Ready to Work

The Ready To Work (RTW) program is a non-credit program that provides training in basic skills and abilities required by most leading businesses and industries in Alabama. The program is offered at no cost to qualified participants. This program is grant funded through the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development and offered in partnership with Southern Union and AIDT. The curriculum was designed by AIDT to build skills based on demands of local businesses and industries along with the nation-wide growth in technology, computer knowledge and employment availability.

Successful completers will receive an “Alabama Certified Worker” Certificate from AIDT as well as an Alabama Career Readiness Certificate giving them industry recog- nized credentials to compete for jobs in today’s competitive market.

To qualify for RTW, students must score at or above a level 3 on the pretest section of Applied Mathematics and Reading for Information utilizing the computer based WIN software program. These pretests will be administered during the Orientation Session. Students must also have a high school diploma or GED to enter RTW training. Students not scoring a level 3 on the pretests or having a GED or high school diploma may be referred to Southern Union’s Adult Education program until these requirements can be met.