Orientation Activities

  1. BISON BOUND - Pre-College Orientation
    During the months of June and July, a pre-college program is offered called Bison Bound. All new and transfer students are strongly encouraged to participate. This program is designed to help entering freshmen and transfer students make wise decisions in choosing their fields of study and to adjust more readily to their first semester at Southern Union. Bison Bound sessions are available on all campuses.

    New students, after being accepted for Fall semester enrollment, may register for Bison Bound sessions on the SUSCC website at www.suscc.edu.

  2. Orientation to College (ORI 101) and Student Success Skills (ORI 105)
    Orientation is a two credit hour course designed to introduce beginning students to college life. This course provides an introduction to programs, personnel, and policies at the college. It provides students with information regarding what the College expects from students and what students should expect from the College. The course also addresses student attitudes, goals, study skills, and health related issues. Orientation is required for all new students who have not previously attended college and is offered each term. Students who initially entered Southern Union prior to Fall Quarter 1994 and students who have successfully completed at least 12 semester hours (15 quarter hours) within the past five years with a 2.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) at a regionally accredited institution are exempted from ORI 101 and ORI 105. It is incumbent on the student to verify the 12 semester/15 quarter hours at the time of registration.

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