Non-Credit Courses

  1. Continuing Education Courses
    Continuing education courses are designed to provide for the intellectual and cultural development of the participants. There are no entrance requirements. An application and information may be obtained at the administrative office on each campus. For further information, contact the Director of Adult and Continuing Education.
  2. Courses for Audit
    Students may take college courses without credit by a process called “audit” in which students are expected to meet all the requirements of the course with the exception of the examinations. Admission requirements and fees are the same for audit courses as for those carrying college credit. In order to audit a course, the audit must be declared by the end of the registration period and may not be changed thereafter. Students auditing a class will not receive credit applicable to satisfaction of degree requirements. Students must meet all class requirements except tests in order to successfully complete an audit and have a grade of “AU” recorded on his/her transcript.
  3. Training for Business and Industry
    The College assists businesses/industries by offering customized non-credit courses, workshops, or seminars which meet their employees’ specific needs. This specialized training may be conducted at the business/industry facility or on campus at a time which is convenient to employees. For an application and further information, contact the Director of Workforce Development or the Dean of Technical Education and Workforce Development.
  4. Developmental Courses
    Developmental courses (college preparatory) are offered in English, math and reading. These courses allow students to begin studying at their own level, to develop the skills and knowledge they will need to attempt credit-bearing courses. Descriptions of these courses: ENG 080, ENR 094, MTH 090, and MTH 098 appear under the “Course” tab of this catalog. These courses produce institutional, non-transferable credit only and will not satisfy the requirements for degrees or certificates.